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The St. Manchan's Cattle Society

The St. Manchan's Cattle Society
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From The Traveller's Guide to Sacred Ireland by Cary Meehan, 2004 edition, page 408:

"There are a number of stories about St. Manchan.  Perhaps the best know concerns his cow for, like St. Ciaran, Manchan had a very prolific cow whose milk was always freely given and never sold.

One day some jealous farmers from Killmonaghan on the other side of Ballycumber, came and stole her.  She managed to leave a trail of marks on the stones with her hooves and tail so that Manchan could follow the thieves, but by the time he caught up with them, she had been killed and was being cooked.  He grabbed her limbs from the pot and, by a miracle, she came back to life and lived into old age.  The only reminder of her ordeal was a slight limp, as a small piece of her thigh bone was not recovered.

To this day the farmers in Lemonaghan townland will not sell milk.  It must always be freely given."

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